Guideline for students

If you are interested in joining our lab, it is recommended to take the following courses or equivalent (but not mandatory)
  • IMEN261 Operations Research I
  • IMEN272 Probability and Statistics for Engineers
  • IMEN281 Information System Technology
  • IMEN366 Operations Research II
  • IMEN461 Mathematical Programming
  • IMEN472 Statistical Data Mining
  • IMEN473 Business Analytics
  • IMEN481 Simulation
  • SOSC321 Principles of Economics
  • SOSC421 Game Theory
  • CSED232 Object-Oriented Programming
  • CSED233 Data Structure
  • CSED442 Artificial Intelligence


Welcome to POSTECH IME System & Economic Decision Analytics Lab!

We are looking for full-time students (MS/PhD courses). If you are interested in, please contact Prof. Choi (

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